I'll never replace car speakers again

I'm writing this post in the bath, drenched in magnesium infused Epsom salts. My legs and entire back have been killing me. A month or 2 ago a buddy and I went on a 4hr round trip to pick up some computer hardware and he noticed that the rear speakers in my car weren't working. I was a little surprised I didn't notice but that explains why I've been running the volume much louder than usual. Anyway, yesterday I decided to pull the door cards off and suss out what the issue was. My original plan was to test the speakers actually worked, my old subwoofer was wired in to use the rear speakers. When I sold my sub I haphazardly pulled the cables out and my original theory was I had either shorted and burnt out the speakers or the head unit itself. yeah, nope. That's explains a lot. They're gonna need to be replaced! While I'm at it, I might as well check the fronts. They were better but still a little rough, So we went for a drive and pick

Netdata Subscription

  So, Netdata have finally shifted me to the free version of their licensing, applying a 5 node limit to my tenant. I’ve decided to set Netdata to only have 1 active node to see what happens. From what I can tell, the other nodes are still reporting data back to Netdata and setting off alerts, per below I was worried that I’d need to move away from Netdata, but I think I’m fine! This is also a test blog post lmao